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I hate JS! (no you dont)

I believe I am not ONLY one who would cry out loud that JS was bad design solution. Internet Explorer used to pop-up that JS has caused an error or misplace object that is critical on page operations.

As a support person.. again you get all the blame from the users. Why isnt this page showin up correctly ? It only failes in Citrix! Fix it!

Please… IE on server is not same as IE on XP or Vista. We have more LOCK downs and restrictions!!! and sometimes even on different patch level!

and worse case scenarios that is developers NEVER able to help you why JS is broken.

I hate JS..

well point is that JS hater like me, can not live in the dark scared of JS, web is moving towards more and more AJAX and without JS, nothing works these days. (well either that you get flash based site)

and thanks to firebug, even without dev’s useless help. I can at least READ the JS and help debug the issue.

Dont we just love AJAX? (at least I must admit I do), M$ predicts that over 90% of new applications are now web based. (I think this is sort of true, controlled environment, centrallised GUI, one place to change/update the code. All helps to maintain flexibility and agility in development)

so if you are keen on JS now, I guess you may wish to check 75 really useful JS technique.


ICM nightmare

It must be just me or canon printer ICM is getting out of control ? (PIXMA MP800)
I let printer driver (I use Vista x64 and XP SP2 ) to handle the colour matching and I get awful washed out colours.
I let software (light room 2 in this case) and I get sort of OK colour but its still not perfect.

several users post their concern on the canon printers ICM but oh well I’d say it’s a bit to late for me now.

Lastly, how come there is no explanation of ICM files in Canon web sites??


Some Tips of ICM for canon

PR – Pro Paper
MP – Matt Paper
SP – Photo Paper (Super Photo Paper)
Numbers 1 to 5 (1 as high quality – 5 as high speed)


you are not from USA.

lot of sites (especially one for DRM or content thats US only) prevents only US IP address ranges)

Is it just me or it is just useless form of filtering?
What if you’re accessing from US proxy ?
(you’re working for US based company via VPN and going out to internet from US based proxy)

What if you’re using anonymous proxy (there are 100s of them on the internet.)

Im not really sure WHY they even bother. filtering users based on IP isnt perfect and never will be.
I know IPV6 isnt coming anywhere in near future but If users are browsing with IPv6?

Real question is, is there any perfect way to filter them (provide social security number? , not that I would submit that over internet)


hungry? stupid?

<sarcasm>I CAN TAKE THE RISK NOW!!!</sarcasm> yeah right…

I must say, its a heck of a good speech. but comeon. if he was a failure he wouldnt even stand there.
I’d say if you can connect the dot, and be proud you’ve made it. (or else)



Interesting post about how online game DB design is completely different to other business application designs.

Do not trust client, Do not place data on client (any data will be and can be used for cheat)

rather interesting concept and raises interesting point how other field sees the server-client model with completely different views.

Usually you design as such that DB access is distributed and access less (cache on memory or on client side) but how would you handle it if every data has to be on the server end ?


bigotry at its max.

Firstly, I was born in Korea, lived in Japan/Canada/Australia. I have absolutely 0 nationalism nor patriotism. I pay TAX and I do believe I have rights and duty as Australian but that’s about it. I try to be non emotional at any argument and discussions. (regarding national matter like DOK DO, Korean War-with JPN, etc)

For me, I’ve learnt about japanese invasion of China/Korea. Obvisouly I have never paid full attention nor memorise full extent but thanks to media, and other brain washing mechanisms, i get fed with “data” that Japan Invasion were EVIL and something to hate (well they dont teach to hate but sooner or later you have to, to show that you love the country you live in)

Now, for Chiense side, one example would be Nankin Massacre. again I have fed by the “data” that EVIL Japanese have manged to kill 300,000 people.

Why are they data? because they are not processed and I have NEVER really criticised any data fed to me prior to today. And simply swallow them (usually to get mark in History exam, hey who wouldnt really at high school and it was 1990s, not 1940s,) as I did before and never questioned the data integrity. (I mean why should I care eh?)

Now move on to more recent occasions, I have started to read and enjoy more conspiracy theories and have massive doubt over what is really getting fed to our day to day lives. (written in jpn)
and Loose Change 911

Like my previous post regarding robot stock trader, way too many things are get done without checking its credible reference and people amazingly swallow them. (I still do and I will for many occasions..)

I am not saying Invasion was good, I am not saying massaca never happened, I’m not saying 911 never happend.
But come on. Look at the photos(nankin) , some photos are FAKE and FABRICATED to match govenrment propaganda. Also do you know why WTC collapsed ? Its because of ? (1 implosion, 2 explosion, 3 fire? now I dont REALLY know but watching/viewing some video, I have doubt it was really simple fire.. or was it)

Im not here to start an historic discussions, but would like to advise that we shouldnt simply start an discussion or an argument based on the data thats not understood by self.

Instead, I see more emotional posts and comments on forums (at least people can comment on forums, try that on the public, you will be labelled as public enemy #1) when you post some argument that doesn’t suit them.
And a lot of times, if not all posts/comment are really emotional like “you f*** pig and event XYZ never happened??!!!”, “how can you deny these event!, admit and apologise!”, “you’re a loser and all your people are —put any swearing—”

If you can, read this and this
Reading two (sort of) well presented “information” on the argument table.

As above, dont be emotional when post/comment to start an argument, instead, can we just be civilised and discuss with “informations” ? not government propaganda?

Lastly, I think media manupilation at worst for this occasion. We are learning/brainwashed to hate Islam now (thanks to war on terror, and thanks to Mr Bush)
However, my main concern is that people who have been on recorded interview were making comment like “muslims should go back to middle east!” just worries me. These people probably never deal with muslims nor wish to interact with them. They would never read Koran. They would never even TRY to understand what relaly is they are facing but jumping in red face calling names to muslims.

Ignorance is a blessing…. for them.

What makes this news more intersting than others is that, they are welcoming the move of Chatholic school.

Now thats LOW.


no junkmail please

Why dont you place an advertisement? a site without an ad looks non-professional.(Written in JPN)

Something silly but what I thought lightly(more of a joke than business idea). What if we place ads within an Intranet ? IT department gets blamed for running over the budget and never get praised for doing goood job.

Other alternative is to become an subsidary of a main company. (become independent company and charge for every service you do to main company)

Both ideas are nothing more than my rant at this stage for alternative income. I know it will be extreamly difficult for normal IT department to charge everyservice, I know NO ONE will agree to place silly ads within Intranets.

But? someone has to pay and if IT department can generate income? Why not?
Google started to generate more money than before, when they started to sell adwords. They’ve become advertisement oriented to generate large sum of money.

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