Give me more sun light!

Day Light Saving will be starting from 4th of OCT 2008 for Sydney.

well if DLS changes are same as few years ago, as a system administrator, there is nothing to fear. Usually OS will have DLS built in to it which can cater for the change and implement the change in time.

Problem and my rant of the day is that Australian government (state governments in this case), cant make up the minds and started to release several changes in recent year.

For people like me who deals with Outlook/Exchange/Citrix is that missing patch(change) leads directly to incorrect MEETING time in he calendar for Outlook. Most annoying change l remember was for common wealth game TIMEZONE patch released by M$. Instead of implementing CHANGE to DLS schedule, M$ has decided to release WHOLE NEW timezone and as a result lot of meetings and schedule were thrown off. (I dont blame M$ for this case as they werent given enough time to plan it or release it, patch was more like HACK job which had to be released because of government…)

This year, its even worth… now the DLS start date has been changed (for sydney its 5th OCT 2008) from end of OCT to early OCT.

so missing patch could lead to incorrect calendar for almost three weeks..

well enough rant on M$ Windows and Apps, I didnt know how LINUX handled the DLS.  Below are some quick notes

1 timezone is handled by the file on Fedora Core, its on /etc/localtime
2 yum update/install tzdata will download “updated” timezone info with DLS.
3 tzselect will help change timezone if required
4 zdump -v /etc/localtime, will display timezone with DLS info for /etc/localtime file.

I knew timezone file had something but i never knew zdump was the tool to be used.

ZDUMP(8)                  Linux System Administration                 ZDUMP(8)

zdump – time zone dumper

ok… i wonder why this tool is named zdump instead of tzdump… no wonder I was not able to find it by name..


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