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Where is my battery!

I’ve recently purchased TX2522AU (HP Tablet Laptop)

Love the features but it only comes with 4 cell battery.
Obvious problem with these model is that AMD CPU it comes with isn’t very good at conserving power and 4cell will last may be an hour.

I’m planning to use the tablet within the lecture and that may go UPTO 3 hrs…

Its not a big problem (although bit expensive), I simply need to buy spare battery.

1 The biggest Tx2000, TX2500 ‘s spare battery are only 8 cells. Blame the size, but while other laptops offer 12 cells or even bigger types, 8? isnt very big for a SPARE
2 I never realised that it is SOOOO hard to find spare battery.  search (restrict to AUS only) and see how many KC991AA (model # for 8cell).
there arent many!!!!
3 I’ve decided to order via HP online directly. I mean they’re the vendor. Im expecting to have them. To my surprise, I had to call HP and find out that HP themselves do not have stock, nor can provide me with ETA on arrival. Best bet was to “Call back and try again in wks time”


I’ve decided to order from US.

Why is so hard to get battery for HP ??


XenApp 5.0? what 5.0?

“XenApp 5 For Windows Server 2003 does not include any server side updates.”

I have read numerous forum posts and certain discussion but FINALLY found formal(?) written notice from Citrix site that XA 5.0 for W2K3 is indeed 4.5 FR1.

Thanks to WANScaler (now called Repeater products) I need 4.5 FR1….(or 5.0)



Its not the first time I have seen STOP AB.
It seems that it end endless battle for Microsoft to patch up STOP AB issue.

To my knowledge, there are numerous STOP AB patch (post W2k3 SP2)
and I have found last wk that they have released bland new patch on March 09.

yay… talking about patching server again….

If you’re another person who’ve seen STOP AB and STOP 50
use kb959828 patch
make sure there is no NT4 Printer Drive on your terminal server

(that kb959828 may be valid for another 6months or so..)


Juniper Firewall.

We have High Availability configured firewall cluster in our environment.
For some reason, it was configured to use 10Mbit for the DMZ interface. Most may argue that 10Mb on DMZ where we do not host much service (other than Citrix) is more than adequate to match the need of the environment.

well firstly, I didnt know NSRP requires to change its “monitoring” interface.
and second, NSRP monitored interface had to be changed MANUALLY on both FW.

If you get error as system not in sync, check below and make sure monitor interface is identical on both.



I have been advised that the Law school text book would cost fortune from a close friend. Unfortunately, I have ordered a batch of books for the my first semester and bill was wooping $550.


Ok costs of the book blew me once, but my colleague simply reminded me the fact that I have to READ them all

good news is that I’ve just started to read “Understanding Law” and it is quite “interesting” material to read.
Perhaps because I have been reading not much but IT materials in past decade or so.