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Got Tivo?

Just got Tivo this week and started to configure… I thought it should be easy and simple.

(obviously not)

1 ICMP required
Took me an hr to realize why the initial setup screen was keep telling to check the internet connection.
I can ping the box (static IP), DNS is up and router has no outbound reject/drop filter other than SMTP.
Turns out box tries ICMP/PING and if it fails, it thinks you got no Internet. (HELLO? MANUAL ? where does it say you need ICMP?!?!?!?)

2 initial patching and registration
box applies the update by itself and reboots at night. (fair enough), but initial patch requires several download and reboot reboot ? (HELLO ? MANUAL?)

3 lack of technical details in the manual or the web.
come one, how difficult to have FAQ/SUPPORT page explaining what the TECH details are needed? (like ICMP out, what port OUT, what PORT in)

I have to create FAILURE (block all connections out) condition to bring the screen that contains the required port #.

I understand BOX is not for geek head but more towards ordinary dad/mum but there has to be a better written docs.

also port # just mentions you need to have these xyz port open. Ok WHICH WAY? Inbound or Outbound ?

do they know the FW is configured in/out ?????

lastly, why am I seeing port test failure when it is not even HITTING the router? (ACL logs every activity of the tivo and when I hit port test page I see no traffic)

otherwise, recording is easy and fun. all good.