You cant even answer that ?

Not that I’m proud or anything but when I interview people to make hiring decision, I give a candidate general “fundamental” questions.

At least, I try not to give YES/NO questions or TEXT BOOK question like what is the term XYZ used for?

By the time the candidate reaches the technical interview with me they have a potential…. or at least I hope they do. We have faith in them and we really do hope they pass.

However… reality is most of them dont even pass the first written questions (5 short q)

For example Active Directory. (we’re wintel house)

But.. people work with Active Directory for yrs by now, yet simple question like

what do you do if security (group membership) change does not get applied for a user at a remote office?
what fo you do if GPO is not getting applied to the certain OU ?

I had an answer that just says wait for replication… (yes I know.. but do you just wait? how would you force replication? what if user never logged out and obtained new token from AD??)
for the next Q, we just want, things like check the scope of the GPO, check its linked to correct OU or not, use GPMC/RSPO to find conflict if there is any. Many cant even get these points.

BTW, these candidates had like 10 yrs exp and going for “senior” engineer role.

YOU CANT EVEN ANSWER THAT? But you want a senior role?


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