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you dont know your own software?

Its strange world indeed, my company uses a software that’s written by VB6 and runs within Citrix environment.

This software vendor decided to call me up asking for help integrating their software on OTHER customer’s Citrix environment.
Well, as a friendly Citrix dude, I did give him a few pointer but isnt it rather strange for the vendor to call the customer to seek help for other customer’s issue?

Its YOUR own software ppl, if you dont think it runs on Citrix or dont know how to troubleshoot software integration LEARN how to do it, seriously.

I really get frustrated when a developer calls an infrastructure engineer (usually me) saying, “I dont know anything about OS, Network, blah blah, can you fix it ?”
I have spent enough time learning C#, App debugging, network (switch/routing) so I can help myself integrating/debugging the issues I face.

Why is it always someone else’s problem when the problem is escalated to the developer ????

This is like a trend, dev who doesnt know SMTP, IIS, DBMS, firewall, TCP/IP.

or it must be just me working with horrible developers..


Solutions for Virtualizing Internet Explorer

I received some news letter email that there is a white paper release from MS for virtualizing IE.

Wow… one from MS?

Assumption for me was that ‘it has to be how to use App-V’ their flag ship application virtualization suit.

who am i kidding here, the white paper (here) is about using VIRTUAL PC and Terminal Server.

Did they really have to write up a fancy WHITE PAPER for this ?


Wow.. end of LZH

Author of the LZH got sick of getting no attention from major anti-virus vendor and has  announce the stop to its development.

I understand it is critical these days to have a filter at a border level, and they have been neglecting the support for LZH/ARJ. (Surprising ly 7z are now widely supported)

well I also moved away from these and have been using 7zip, its sad to see some format to go.


Python and Ruby on Windows

I find it pretty DAMN annoying to start some dev environment on Windows. (BTW, I run Win7 x64)
There are numerous binary gems and  python eggs that simply fails to run on x64.

I was going to develop my hobby project to run LDAP read/report tool and its damn painful to set these up on Windows.

Yes, I can run *nix and have Fedora 13 setup but if I am targeting Active Directory, I thought developing on Windows was a natural choice ?

well activeldap and openldap all seems to be abandoned or not well supported on Windows.
who am i kidding, I should be running C# on Windows not ruby or python. =(



PM of Japan has resigned again. Leaving a numerous problems behind due to the peer pressure from his own political party.

Not sure its was a good idea or bad, but I see absolutely no need for him to quit. Resignation was not a solution to his problem nor people of Okinawa was facing.

His gotta be kidding, if he just quit and all problem will go away.