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Law school day1.

The first official day 1 has passed.
It was interesting as well as impressive to learn some formal “law” techniques as well as terminologies.

So far more questions are raised than answered and there is already an assigiment published on the web page.

Yay? or Nay ?

Not that I have much social life these days but from what senior students are saying I need to kiss my social life good bye.

“Welcome to the legal insitituions, be repepare to drop all your common knowledge and learn the real technical law terms.”



I have been advised that the Law school text book would cost fortune from a close friend. Unfortunately, I have ordered a batch of books for the my first semester and bill was wooping $550.


Ok costs of the book blew me once, but my colleague simply reminded me the fact that I have to READ them all

good news is that I’ve just started to read “Understanding Law” and it is quite “interesting” material to read.
Perhaps because I have been reading not much but IT materials in past decade or so.


career change?

I started to find recently, this down term is finally starting to bite IT as well.

Not that it was unexpected but think when your close friend gives you behind story of how other companies are cutting down their IT related people.

Honestly, I don’t feel too comfortable either. This is even when my position is relatively safe as I am one man army in my role (Citrix support) and whole IT Operation is done by 5 people. (Already gone through reduction prior to myself joining the company)

another reason for not feeling good is that I only professionally worked since 1999 Dec, thats around 9 years of career time and I’ve already experienced two down terms. I don’t believe I am old but things are rosy nor will be rosy forever.

Well, I wish there is easier way or simple solution to save guard the future, but so far, I can only think re-arming myself with more knowledge is the way to go.

so I decided to apply for Law postgraduate. (yes… its crazy), lucky me, since I have a bachelor degree, getting an admission was not as hard as getting in to bachelor degree.

Question is… can will I survive for another 6 yrs of educationm after 7 yrs of undergraduate cource to graduate for a degree?

BTW, I have learnt that it is not too hard to start “Juris Doctor” (graduate degree for law) or even diploma of law to satisfy academic requirement to be a lawyer in NSW. It will only cost TIME, MONEY(dip,law is actually cheap) and effort to study.

Now, to commit or not to commit…