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Everyone is an architect

Sadly or happily my work title has word “architect” included now.

Its a great new for some, but in honest feeling, I am puzzled to see if I can have such.

I know how real architect (building/design) works years as one and also study to be one for 3-4 yrs. Their goal is to be an architect and train to be one. In IT, there is no such goal or training, I’ve started as IT analyst and moved to be a system engineer and learn to design/implement alone the way. No formal training, no formal qualification.

Should IT engineer (even term ENGINEER, would anger few real ENGINEERS today) name themselves IT architect after 5-10 yrs of the professional life?

Well who am i kidding, I just want more pay, dont we all, and title = higher grade = more pay =(



rain rain another rain

I’ve Found out heavy rain will cause another water leak under my roof. =(

Jan 2011 heavy rain had caused grief, (needed to call for the insurance to get water damage repair) and now this.

I’ve set my excess to $1000, and I dont think this damage would be that much. I guess I’ll find out eh?






PM of Japan has resigned again. Leaving a numerous problems behind due to the peer pressure from his own political party.

Not sure its was a good idea or bad, but I see absolutely no need for him to quit. Resignation was not a solution to his problem nor people of Okinawa was facing.

His gotta be kidding, if he just quit and all problem will go away.


You cant even answer that ?

Not that I’m proud or anything but when I interview people to make hiring decision, I give a candidate general “fundamental” questions.

At least, I try not to give YES/NO questions or TEXT BOOK question like what is the term XYZ used for?

By the time the candidate reaches the technical interview with me they have a potential…. or at least I hope they do. We have faith in them and we really do hope they pass.

However… reality is most of them dont even pass the first written questions (5 short q)

For example Active Directory. (we’re wintel house)

But.. people work with Active Directory for yrs by now, yet simple question like

what do you do if security (group membership) change does not get applied for a user at a remote office?
what fo you do if GPO is not getting applied to the certain OU ?

I had an answer that just says wait for replication… (yes I know.. but do you just wait? how would you force replication? what if user never logged out and obtained new token from AD??)
for the next Q, we just want, things like check the scope of the GPO, check its linked to correct OU or not, use GPMC/RSPO to find conflict if there is any. Many cant even get these points.

BTW, these candidates had like 10 yrs exp and going for “senior” engineer role.

YOU CANT EVEN ANSWER THAT? But you want a senior role?


Got Tivo?

Just got Tivo this week and started to configure… I thought it should be easy and simple.

(obviously not)

1 ICMP required
Took me an hr to realize why the initial setup screen was keep telling to check the internet connection.
I can ping the box (static IP), DNS is up and router has no outbound reject/drop filter other than SMTP.
Turns out box tries ICMP/PING and if it fails, it thinks you got no Internet. (HELLO? MANUAL ? where does it say you need ICMP?!?!?!?)

2 initial patching and registration
box applies the update by itself and reboots at night. (fair enough), but initial patch requires several download and reboot reboot ? (HELLO ? MANUAL?)

3 lack of technical details in the manual or the web.
come one, how difficult to have FAQ/SUPPORT page explaining what the TECH details are needed? (like ICMP out, what port OUT, what PORT in)

I have to create FAILURE (block all connections out) condition to bring the screen that contains the required port #.

I understand BOX is not for geek head but more towards ordinary dad/mum but there has to be a better written docs.

also port # just mentions you need to have these xyz port open. Ok WHICH WAY? Inbound or Outbound ?

do they know the FW is configured in/out ?????

lastly, why am I seeing port test failure when it is not even HITTING the router? (ACL logs every activity of the tivo and when I hit port test page I see no traffic)

otherwise, recording is easy and fun. all good.


Where is my battery!

I’ve recently purchased TX2522AU (HP Tablet Laptop)

Love the features but it only comes with 4 cell battery.
Obvious problem with these model is that AMD CPU it comes with isn’t very good at conserving power and 4cell will last may be an hour.

I’m planning to use the tablet within the lecture and that may go UPTO 3 hrs…

Its not a big problem (although bit expensive), I simply need to buy spare battery.

1 The biggest Tx2000, TX2500 ‘s spare battery are only 8 cells. Blame the size, but while other laptops offer 12 cells or even bigger types, 8? isnt very big for a SPARE
2 I never realised that it is SOOOO hard to find spare battery.  search (restrict to AUS only) and see how many KC991AA (model # for 8cell).
there arent many!!!!
3 I’ve decided to order via HP online directly. I mean they’re the vendor. Im expecting to have them. To my surprise, I had to call HP and find out that HP themselves do not have stock, nor can provide me with ETA on arrival. Best bet was to “Call back and try again in wks time”


I’ve decided to order from US.

Why is so hard to get battery for HP ??


XenApp 5.0? what 5.0?

“XenApp 5 For Windows Server 2003 does not include any server side updates.”

I have read numerous forum posts and certain discussion but FINALLY found formal(?) written notice from Citrix site that XA 5.0 for W2K3 is indeed 4.5 FR1.

Thanks to WANScaler (now called Repeater products) I need 4.5 FR1….(or 5.0)

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