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no junkmail please

Why dont you place an advertisement? a site without an ad looks non-professional.(Written in JPN)

Something silly but what I thought lightly(more of a joke than business idea). What if we place ads within an Intranet ? IT department gets blamed for running over the budget and never get praised for doing goood job.

Other alternative is to become an subsidary of a main company. (become independent company and charge for every service you do to main company)

Both ideas are nothing more than my rant at this stage for alternative income. I know it will be extreamly difficult for normal IT department to charge everyservice, I know NO ONE will agree to place silly ads within Intranets.

But? someone has to pay and if IT department can generate income? Why not?
Google started to generate more money than before, when they started to sell adwords. They’ve become advertisement oriented to generate large sum of money.