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identity theft?

who the hell are you?

one might ask, who I am, if they have never met me before. For every new site we register, it is not uncommon that we are force to enter the damn username/password/emailadd/mailing add and list continues. I THINK openID movement is to start shared provider of one’s identity.

Not that anyone would be interested to impose as myself on the web, it is rather interesting common platform for user identification is emerging and its OPEN this time. Some may have heard it, its openID.

There are famous M$ passport system (hotmail, MSN, MS sites) which has failed to be more widely accepted but OPENID seems to be more widely used than ever now.

All the good stuff (on the book), but still I need to authenticate and enter my details and it seems only informaton openID provider allowed to share was email add, that was it. I had to enter all other details to the commercial site even thought I’ve decided to use OpenID as Auth mechanism.

so far, this doesnt impress me. YET.

What does AAA means to them??