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I hate JS! (no you dont)

I believe I am not ONLY one who would cry out loud that JS was bad design solution. Internet Explorer used to pop-up that JS has caused an error or misplace object that is critical on page operations.

As a support person.. again you get all the blame from the users. Why isnt this page showin up correctly ? It only failes in Citrix! Fix it!

Please… IE on server is not same as IE on XP or Vista. We have more LOCK downs and restrictions!!! and sometimes even on different patch level!

and worse case scenarios that is developers NEVER able to help you why JS is broken.

I hate JS..

well point is that JS hater like me, can not live in the dark scared of JS, web is moving towards more and more AJAX and without JS, nothing works these days. (well either that you get flash based site)

and thanks to firebug, even without dev’s useless help. I can at least READ the JS and help debug the issue.

Dont we just love AJAX? (at least I must admit I do), M$ predicts that over 90% of new applications are now web based. (I think this is sort of true, controlled environment, centrallised GUI, one place to change/update the code. All helps to maintain flexibility and agility in development)

so if you are keen on JS now, I guess you may wish to check 75 really useful JS technique.