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understand 404?

http 200 ? what the heck is that?

This is for Google’s “farewell to soft 404s

Again, Im not full time web dev nor will be one anyway, but it is rather interesting read and note from google that lot of sites are now returing code of HTTP 200, but in fact page was not found, in browser world thats HTTP 404.or should be 404, not 200.

Why is it interesting ? I think google is “crying” out to web admins to comfirm to the normal rule. (or so called RFC in the internet world) I too familiar with too much user driven “exceptions” for sake of users, result in bending the rule all together.

Who pays for the broken(bent) rule? well, users of the system or next system that uses that previous customisations.

I hate customisation for the sake of doing one…or one without consideration for the future.

and there are just too many customisations !!!