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hungry? stupid?

<sarcasm>I CAN TAKE THE RISK NOW!!!</sarcasm> yeah right…

I must say, its a heck of a good speech. but comeon. if he was a failure he wouldnt even stand there.
I’d say if you can connect the dot, and be proud you’ve made it. (or else)


market crash.. no, its “CRASHING”

Im just impressed at the fact how BLOATED the finacial market is and was.

Indirectly, someone (including me) may lose job even in Australia as a result of these crash.
Directly, my savings (mainly super annuations) are decresing at alarming rate which I can not control.

I do not wish to use the term “shit happens” as yet. Why ? because many thinks this is not OVER yet. worst is yet to come.

Bad news is that I may need a new job soon…