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becareful what it may do to you.

I’ve released M$ Office 2003 SP3 to the environment today. Reason was that I had to roll KB947674 which requires Office SP3.

Warning to others and myself. Office SP3 replaces some file extension (what I notices was TIF/TIFF has been replaced by Windows Fax Viewer not Office Document Imaging.)

Oh not least and not last. M$ word SP3 has new so-called protection that prevents users from opening “OLD” style document (eg WORD 1.0)

No one probably uses WORD 1.0 but when backend subsystem is using Office automation to create/manage document with WORD 1.0 format, it wasnt funny. (fix was to deploy reg key using new ADM file released by M$. )

<sarcasm>Thanks M$, you made my day.. again…</sarcasm>