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When you start learning.. you buy a book and..

errr…. example doesnt work.

I love when things change rapidly. (to catch bugs, add new features, to meed flexibility of customer who threats the vendor to cater their absolute minimum needs) and playing with new features. (I admit I use vistax64 !!)

Ok, enough rant.

I knew RUBY from last year, I have more knowledge in C# than anything but, since I hate JRE (I dont hate JAVA, but I hate JRE, I’ll cover that later) I didnt want to learn anything more than c# at this stage.

Recently I had to think “how can we design/adapt to requirement changes more rapidly?”
This is because lot of programmer works behind the system requirement specification like a bible and will not tolerate the change in the middle. So when new things or your friendly business managers comes to you requesting like dead monkeys telling project manager “I just realised, I need feature xyz”

You didn’t tell me that when we were discussing!

I know you have dead lines to meet, customer is waiting and breathing fire on your back. What can you do? I would tell them “its not in the initial specification” and wait for next release. <sarcasm>yay</sarcasm>

Since I understand in both positions, being able to code myself and being the end-user, I know the damn pain behind the logic change,  SQL code change and for end-users most importantly, UI change. And requirement/need for new features.

Back to the topic of “rapid” change.
I’ve decided to dig deeper on the Ruby on Rails than last year as it meets the “rapid” change requirement perfectly. (well not perfect perfect but reasonably offers the rapid change on the fly)

So I bought the book and go through some chapter and first it covers Test Driven Development (in chapter 2 !)

and since rail was UPDATED to v2.1 and book was based in v2.0.2… test case failed.

you know computer books arent cheap in australia!!!!

Amazingly, I went to the book’s web page and author said to the forum post that rails “quick” change has resulted in the mistake/error/no-longer correct pages on the book.

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