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sorry, its out of warranty

There are people who thinks they will NEVER have problem.
There are people who thinks support is perfect.
There are people who thinks software never breaks.

I know its bad assumptions but usually decision maker just take the risk and say “I’ll take the risk and move on for now”

Ok… What exactly is a risk ?
“I wont be here when its broken”?
“I dont care, Im not using it”?
“It works great why worry something later?” ?

I’ve seen way too many software roll outs that can potentially cause issues in the future that will suffer end-users badly. People who makes the call usually arent the end-users, they just make decisions and sometimes, bad one.

Point is, I just discovered that we’re running an application that designed for Win9x and running it on W2k3 T/S Environment. (great..) Why worry? Because vendor has no idea about the software’s fault and the usual request has came back. Guess what… REINSTALL.

1 I have error msg that I believe it helps to debug, why cant you tell us the meaning of error code?
(ans: I dont know, reinstall)

2 I have backup of file that has been restored but still failes, what makes you think reinstall is the fix?
(ans: I dont know, reinstall)

Im afraid when we ran out of support choices, we have to inform user that software is just no longer working. and there is no ways to FIX them.

well well well. now who is going to pay for bad support and bad app? Im 100% sure its not the manager who made the decision to use this piece of S**T software..